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Yet another advantage of selecting Creative Furniture is that a physical space can never exhibit enough categories or sizes. When you buy furniture with us, you can see the features, benefits, and functionality of each product clearly.

Healthy living while you work, play, eat and rest


Creative Homes Furniture Store was founded in early 2020 to cover the growing gap in use of local African wood for furniture with, you, the customer in mind. As you spend a lot of time sitting either at work or home with little time left for rest, at Creative Homes Furniture Store we took it upon ourselves to be mindful of the health implications of your posture as you go about your routines.

Having worked for over 5 years with various furniture companies of repute, we decided that it was time to directly serve your furnishing and home décor needs. To enable us to service your needs better, you need to give us your dream for your health and beauty so we can create it for you at affordable price so you can return your comfort to its natural state.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are planning to move into a new residence, office or refurbishing your home or office, give us your dream and make it come true. We understand your style and will give it quality touch. At Creative Homes furniture store, our focus is comfort of our clients for a healthy living by making every moment memorable with our finely made wide range of products including art pieces at affordable prices.


Creating a wide range of well-designed, functional and beautiful furnishing products for health of our customers, at affordable prices so many people can afford for their homes, offices, and leisure.



At Creative Homes Furniture, we understand that your time is precious. We take the digital revolution to a whole new level to make it easy for you to access our products. You our customer can now get to see our wide range of  products online using the several media. Place your order via our website and only walk in to verify and we will deliver it for you.

Our relationship managers are on hand to help you choose from our wide range of designs and have your choice customized to your liking. In all this we save you time while we create your dream furniture on time.



We have assembled experienced and creative carpenters to cave African wood to suit your taste and pocket. With our team of experts led by experienced and customer centric Edson Kamukama.